Extended Pro Warranty for Nest Learning Thermostats.

Did you know Nest Pros can offer their customers a 3-year extension to the standard 2-year warranty that comes with all 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostats. The best part for you? Your customers can only get this extended warranty through a Nest Pro.

Set yourself apart by promoting this additional coverage - and peace of mind - upon installation.

What qualifies for a warranty extension?

The Extended Pro Warranty only applies to professional SKU 3rd gen Nest Thermostats that are professionally installed with Pro ID input upon device activation. Warranty extensions cannot be applied to thermostats installed before September 24, 2015.

How do you activate an extended warranty?

To activate the extended warranty, enter your Nest Pro ID and contact information into the thermostat when prompted to during the installation process. To find your Nest Pro ID, log in to nest.com/pro, and it will be displayed in the rightmost corner. Entering this information is all that is needed to activate the Extended Pro Warranty.

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Stay tuned for more pro-exclusive offers, benefits, and updates. We are looking forward to continuing to help you grow your businesses as a Nest Pro.

-The Nest Pro Team