Introducing Nest Cam Outdoor

For the past two years, Nest Cam has been protecting your customers by spotting suspicious activity and helping prevent crime. Now there’s an all-new Nest Cam you can offer them. One that watches their front door, garage or backyard.

Introducing Nest Cam Outdoor.

Nest Cam Outdoor helps your customers look after their home 24/7, rain or shine. It plugs into power so they never have to worry about dead batteries, alerts their phone when there’s activity, and lets them listen in and talk back from the Nest app.

Key features:

  • Designed for outdoor. Weatherproof head unit and fully waterproof cables and power adapters Nest Cam Outdoor is plugged in for 24/7 continuous live streaming to a phone, tablet or laptop.
  • All glass lens gives a clear 130° viewing angle without having to pan or zoom.
  • High quality night vision with 8 high-powered 850nm infrared LEDs so Nest Cam evenly light up the entire 130° view at night.
  • See someone at the door, talk to get their attention. Or tell the delivery man to go ahead and leave the package around back.

Just like our indoor camera, you’ll get alerts on your phone when something happens so you’ll know when to pay attention. And with Nest Aware continuous recording and person alerts, you’ll never miss an important moment.

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-The Nest Pro Team